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Self-Care, Meditation & Yoga

Bloom makes nourishing self-care simple.

Women frequently find themselves in roles where they are constantly offering support and care to family, friends, and loved ones, and sometimes neglecting their own well-being.

Often, we operate on autopilot, doing the minimum for ourselves.

Self-care becomes essential in such times. It’s about dedicating time for ourselves, whether it’s 10 minutes or a half-hour—to prioritize, rejuvenate and focus on our own needs.


Self-care at your fingertips

Bloom places self care at your fingertips. Access everything you need to prioritise your self-care, all from your phone, tablet or laptop.

You can take it wherever you go, whenever you find the time and space to focus on you.

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Guided meditations you can do at any time

Find the time and space to relax with your choice of guided meditations or a variety of meditation music, available on the platform, targeting different needs.

Whether it’s a bedtime wind-down routine, a calming exercise, or something to help you connect with your mind, body, and soul.

Restorative yoga classes on demand

Restorative yoga offers a soft and gentle approach to relaxation and self-care. Using plush bolsters, soft blankets, and supportive blocks, each pose is held with comfort in mind, allowing you to truly relax and recharge.

Dive into this nurturing practice to find a peaceful balance and renew your energy.

Meditation, yoga & self-care benefit your mental health

Relieves depression

Finding opportunities to prioritise self care, practise mindfulness, and introduce movement to your day are proven to relieve symptoms of depression.

Reduces stress

Yoga and meditation promote both mental and physical relaxation which reduce stress and relieve associated tension, both in your body and mind.

Eases anxiety

A big benefit of yoga and meditation is the reduced levels of stress hormones in the body. This leads to a calming effect which can really benefit symptoms of anxiety.

Improves sleep

The physical nature of yoga, combined with the mindfulness in meditation increase melatonin levels, reducing sleep disturbance and improving your quality of sleep.

Supporting your wellness to Bloom

Get the tools and resources you need to let your health and wellness Bloom. 

Get started with your free 7-day trial or, if you have a question, get in touch with us.