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Bloom was created out of

The founder of Bloom Online Health & Wellness Centre, Kelly, embarked on this venture stemming from her personal journey. In 2020, she found herself caught up in the all-too-common daily grind. Kelly was juggling a demanding full-time corporate job in the city along with the responsibilities of being a mother to two children and a supportive wife. Every day, she managed an hour and a half on the school run, the city commute, her intensive work hours, followed by cooking, house chores, and hands-on parenting.

Feeling the onset of burnout, Kelly took a bold step by resigning from her corporate position, hoping for a respite. However, challenges persisted as she ventured into running their small electrical business with her husband. Amid tight schedules and increased personal responsibilities, finding time for exercise and holistic wellness became even more elusive.

" Bloom is here to make prioritising self-care as easy as it should be."

Prioritising self-care seemed out of reach for Kelly. However, after facing some health setbacks, she decided to invest in a reformer pilates machine for home use. Delving into the world of wellness, she explored ways to manage stress organically.

In no time, Kelly was integrating routines like walking, pilates, yoga, and meditation into her life, all while emphasizing a balanced and nutritious diet.

Kelly discovered the importance of prioritising self-care.

That challenging phase in Kelly’s life served as an awakening. She recognised the paramount importance of making healthy changes. These transformations yielded unparalleled benefits. Kelly’s demeanor shifted to one of positivity and happiness, with stress-related health issues becoming a thing of the past.

Kelly realised that, by putting everyone else in the family first, she was put last. You can be an amazing Mum or Wife and still take time for yourself and your self-care. That’s exactly what she did, and now, she’s sharing it with women all across the world, through Bloom.

Our Vision

A world where self care is celebrated and women find the space to put themselves first from time to time.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to make celebrating self care easy.

Bloom was created on core values,
and provides all the essential features
on one convenient online platform.


It takes a village and that's not exclusive to raising children. Find comfort, support, and community with Bloom.


Everyone is welcome to use Bloom, but it was built by women, for women. We value women and their enduring strength and resilience.


Life is hard and it's complicated. It's a mad rush of fitting in all aspects of our careers, social lives, friends, family, and home-life. A never-ending juggling act. That's why Bloom is all about simplicity.

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