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Dietitian Consultation

After professional guidance in your wellness journey? Our online dietitian is here to help you Bloom.

Bloom’s dietitian is here to help you achieve your personal wellness goals. Whether it’s specific support for your post-partum health, through your menstrual cycle, for peri-menopause and menopause, or to support your health & wellness, our dietitian will create a personalised plan to help you achieve wellness and watch your health flourish.

These consultations are online so you can access our dietitian, wherever you are.

Specialist dietitian support

With a specialist dietitian, Bloom is here to provide you with personalised support for all of your health & wellness goals. Bloom members receive priority appointments with our dietitian and a 10% discount on the online consultation price.

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Get personalised support to reach your nutrition goals

The food and nutrients we put into our bodies are so important to our overall health and wellbeing. By taking a thoughtful approach to your health and wellness goals and really understanding your body, our dietitian can support you in your health journey and help you on your way to flourishing wellness.

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Bloom members receive discounted rates on our dietitian services. Joining the Bloom platform could secure you up to 10% off of your online consultation appointments.

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Supporting your wellness to Bloom

Get the tools and resources you need to let your health and wellness Bloom. 

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