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Mat Pilates & Workouts

Bloom offers pilates classes and workouts you can do at your own pace.

Access Pilates classes and workout videos via the Bloom platform. Designed to target health, fitness, and strength development and based on women’s health principles, Bloom’s Pilates classes are perfect for making your health flourish.

Bloom allows you to engage with classes on your own schedule. Whether it’s a 30-minute session before the family stirs or a late-night session, choose the timing that best fits your routine.

Health and Wellness...

at your fingertips

When the time for a little self care opens up, all you need to do is reach into your pocket and pull out Bloom. The Bloom platform puts Mat Pilates and workout classes right at your fingertips.

Pilates & workouts led by professional instructors

The Pilates sessions on the Bloom platform are expertly designed by a Pilates instructor, ensuring you get the most out of each workout with the correct technique and form.

With Bloom, you’ll experience all the benefits of a Pilates class at your convenience, anytime, anywhere.

Menstrual cycle-aligned classes

Programs designed around women's health.

Our energy and strength levels fluctuate with our hormones throughout the menstrual cycle.

The Bloom platform allows you to play to your body’s strengths by making the most of each phase. 

You’ll take on relaxing classes throughout menstruation, more dynamic, strength-building classes in the follicular phase, into longer, more challenging classes in the ovulation phase, all before winding back down into gentle classes through your luteal phase.

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