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Reformer Pilates

Bloom offers Reformer Pilates classes you can do at your own pace.

Invest in a Reformer Pilates machine and pair it with a Bloom membership to unlock on-demand Reformer Pilates classes.

Elevate your strength, fitness, and overall wellbeing.

With Bloom, immerse yourself in professionally designed Reformer Pilates sessions tailored to various strength and fitness levels.

Health and Wellness...

at your fingertips

With Bloom, squeezing in a class is simple. Take your classes at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. 

Perfect for busy mums squeezing in a 15-30 minute class or busy professionals working around a tight schedule.

Reformer Pilates led by professional instructors

Bloom features expertly designed Reformer Pilates sessions led by a professional instructor. Through the Bloom platform, you can access these classes to enhance your strength and fitness with the correct technique and proper form, right from the comfort of your home.

These videos offer an experience comparable to attending a live class, catering to various goals and fitness levels.

Bloom's Reformer Pilates classes offer so many benefits

Improve strength & flexibility

Reformer Pilates centers on resistance-based techniques, offering a comprehensive strength-building workout for the entire body.

Boost physical & mental health

By building strength and improving movement, Reformer Pilates works to not only boost your physical health, but your mental health, too.

Better balance & injury prevention

Reformer Pilates classes are an amazing way to better your balance. This full-body approach to posture and form works to prevent injury.

A holistic approach to fitness

Reformer Pilates builds strength, balances muscle groups, improves posture, increases flexibility, and has proven mental health benefits. It's a holistic approach to wellness.

Supporting your wellness to Bloom

Get the tools and resources you need to let your health and wellness Bloom. 

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